Introducing the STS Records Hub

   Cost effective & reliable records solutions   

Records Recovery

On-site technical records recovery managed by STS with locally based consultants offering a global reach right now!  

Dedicated technical consultants responsible for ensuring that all technical records are accounted for locally and ready to ship in compliance with regulations. 

STS can coordinate transport of the records to and from Shannon Hub.

Cost effective solution (>20% saving) at all stages due to efficiencies, common processes & minimal travel costs.

Records Storage

Modern, compliant, secure storage facility in Shannon dedicated to aircraft records.  

Vastly experienced team ready to:

  • Full sort, organise & index of the records.
  • Segregate & scan records to create high quality, digital inventories.
  • High security storage of records, both physically and in the cloud, making your records available to you any time, any place.  

Capability & capacity to store technical records for 150+ aircraft.  

Modern office space available for Lessor & next Lessee close to hangars & amenities.

Managed by experienced aviation personnel.

Review & Rebuild

STS Hub project manage records based on the appropriate asset strategy; On-Lease, Transition, Sale or Part-Out.  

Common Services - (Bespoke services available):

  • Full hard copy rebuild.
  • Partial hard copy rebuild.
  • Digital records rebuild.
  • Hybrid of hard copy & digital.
  • Annual audit updating for existing records.

Industry best practices, proven processes & standards in place.

STS Project Management key principles:

  • Care.
  • Ownership.
  • Partnership.
  • Transparency.
  • Accountability.

Shannon Technical Services

Shannon Technical Services

Shannon Technical Services

Shannon Technical Services